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Nikon D70 dSLR or Nikon CP8800 Non dSLR (Non-CCD Cleaning!!) ??

David J Taylor
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Oliver Costich wrote:
>> Is that shooting RAW? File storing time has never been an issue on
>> my Nikon 5700 or 8400, but I don't shoot RAW.
>> David

> I shoot RAW most of the time. I notice no difference between RAW and
> FINE on the D70 but it's apparent on the Coolpix 5400

OK, writing RAW was slow with some of the earlier models. With the later
8400 and 8800 there is an "extra-fine" mode available which might satisfy
your quality needs.


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Patrick Boch
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That Panasonic....Is certainly the best I've seen in its class...
"Patrick Boch" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:NNFXd.3087$(E-Mail Removed)...
> The Panasonic is a sure bet...I agree it needs a MP boost...I'd think
> that's coming very soon.
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> "Joseph Miller" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:422cb88a@darkstar...
>> MaryL wrote:
>>> "Patrick Boch" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>>> news:gpSWd.3006$(E-Mail Removed)...
>>>>You can read all you like..Very good informative...But for me: I go to a
>>>>good dealer-and just plain use them. The right camera will come forward.
>>> That *used* to be what I would do, but there is literally no
>>> knowledgeable dealer within driving distance. When I was young, we used
>>> to have numerous camera stores staffed by people who knew and enjoyed
>>> cameras. Most of them have been driven out of business by the WalMarts
>>> and discount stores. I am getting ready to buy a camera right now, and
>>> so far have not even found a location where I can do any "hands-on"
>>> testing. Those that do carry cameras will sometimes have 1 or 2 of the
>>> cameras I wanted to compare, but never in the same store -- and the
>>> salespersons' knowledge is "less than knowledgeable." So, I find myself
>>> relying more and more on sites like dpreview and messages on this
>>> newsgroup. For example, I am very interested in Nikon 8800. It seems
>>> to fill most of what I want. However, my big concern is shutter lag --
>>> and I *still* have not found one in stock anywhere so that I could
>>> actually test one.
>>> MaryL

>> In this case you must try an 8800. I decided it was the camera for me
>> based on reviews. My first was a Coolpix 950, and the shutter lag never
>> bothered me that much with that camera. I tend to frame a subject and
>> push the shutter half-way at the same time, so when I push all the way,
>> there is virtually no lag. I thought the 8800 shutter lag wouldn't bother
>> me, but it really did. There was something about the EVF and the way
>> things behaved when you pushed the button that put me off. It also
>> hunted around at full zoom in light that was a bit dim. I really wanted
>> to love this camera and played with it for about 30 minutes in the store.
>> The salesman was extremely knowledgable, as he was using one
>> professionally. But in the end I just found it didn't feel right to me.
>> Once again I concluded you must try it out for yourself. I could well
>> imagine that others would love this camera. I was very disapointed. On
>> the other hand, I tried a Panasonic Z20, and immediately it felt just
>> right in my hands. I thought it was perfect except I wanted 8 Mpix. Now
>> I have done a careful comparison of 5 and 8 Mpix cameras and have
>> decided, that for a while at least, the Panasonic should do just fine.
>> Joe


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