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linksys wireless loses signal.

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The fact that you see other SSID's tells the whole story.
Many people (almost everyone) plugs in their Wireless
access point without reading the manual. Resulting in all
AP being on the "default" frequency set by the 6.
I always tell everyone that has connection issues to
first change the frequency....
I live in a apartment complex and you wouldn't believe
how many AP I can see on channel 6....
For now, I'm the only one on channel 11....and never have
problems connecting...
>-----Original Message-----
>I had terrible time getting my linksys router and

wireless connection working. Had to reset and remove all
drivers and software and reinstall it all.
>When trying to get the wireless working I finally had to

change channels to get a signal.
>I'm trying to understand why that was. I started on

channel 6 and changed to channel 11. Are there over the
air interference that could cause that?
>Also When I view status I somtimes see other ssid's

available such as netgear. Are those possible
interference sources I should be concerned about?

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