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Does PrintFIX 1.2 validate it's input?

Doug Warner
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Last weekend, I bought a Printfix kit with the 1.1software. My first
patch print was skewed, and very dark, and I expected the profile
generating software to reject it. Unfortunately, it didn't, but
instead greated a marginal profile.

Wondering how bad it could get before it would reject a scan, I took
one, and inverted, distorted, spotted, skewed, and then told it to
generate a profile. It did, without any errors.
This image shows the results. The first panel is the original,
reduced image. The second is a scan of a print using "
SP2200 Prem.Luster 1440.icc"
The third is the one I printed with the PrintFix profile that was
generated from my garbage input (4th panel)
(It should NOT have accepted this color patch target as input for a
profile I suspect it would have generated a profile from a photo of
my face!)

As it is, I can't trust this profiler, since I can't tell if the input
print is of sufficiently good quality to generate a good profile.
This is profile generation by trial & error, not measurement.

Does anyone know if the 1.2 software does any quality control checks
against it's input? If it doesn't, it's going back,

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