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Equipment for the production of Documentaries, DVD, etc

Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt
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I have written many articles on Interfaith and want to transform them
into lectures. I have the intention of making 30 to 45 minutes
documentaries on different topics.

I wonder if any of you is interested in rendering me a helping hand or
suggest Cameras and other equipment for my job.

My services are FREE and if any one wants me in the production of films,
video, DVD, etc, I am prepared to help.

You have seen the Film PASSION OF THE CHRIST and I can tell you many
aspects were not well explained. For example, when Jesus was before the
Pilate, there were three robbers and Jesus. How Barabass got himself to
be freed, that I can explain?

I tell you many other facts that are unknown to the Book theologians.
For example, John, the Baptist never baptised a woman and only the men
who were not clever but simple minded. He baptised them in the name of
Abraham and not what they do these days. Christianity became corrupt by
the end of the first century.

Ask Seek Knock

Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Lecturer in Metallurgy
Sahejdhari Sikh/Mussallmaan Pir Nanak Shah
To know Satguru Nanak Dev Ji know Christ Jesus
To know Christ Jesus know Prophet Elijah John
In whose name. John baptised men in water?
No son of Man, no son of God.
Logically Gospel is as simple as ABC.
HOLY SPIRIT, "common sense", SHATTERS

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