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EasyShare CX7300 & Windows 98

Charles Littlefield
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I have a Kodak CX7300 with EasyShare software which I am trying to use with
Win98 (first edition). I have a 4 port (3 external, 1 internal) PCI USB
card installed which seems to be working OK in each of the 3 external ports,
at least for an optical mouse. When I connect the camera the mouse curser
flickers to the hourglass symbol a few times and then nothing happens. The
camera doesn't appear in Windows Explorer and the pictures can't be
downloaded by doing "transfer now" from the minimised icon in the system
tray. On several occasions trying to access the camera has resulted in the
mouse freezing but all other computer functions seemed to be normal via
keyboard use. I have installed the software temporarily on a work laptop
and everything works as is should. The laptop is running Win98SE. I
understand that Win98 First Edition doesn't support USB2.0. Could this be
the problem? but also I thought USB2.0 devices should be backwards
compatible with early USB standards and in any case the software
documentation says it should work with Win98. As suggested in the
troubleshooting documentation I have checked the status of the USB system in
device manager and everything seems fine. Any suggestions would be
appreciated as at this stage I'm stumped.


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It is possible that your HW (PC MotherBoard or USB Ports) is not compatible
with Fast USB devices, even if you get no errors or conflicts in the OS.. I
had this problem on an older Celeron 500 MB (I don't remember the
manufacturer)...I fixed it by buying a new USB Board and plugging it into
my motherboard PCI Slot

Good Luck

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