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20d newbie questions

Ken Tough
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Apparently Removed) wrote:

>I also "had opportunity" to supply input to the design of Microsoft

You were a developer at Xerox?

Ken Tough
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nick c
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(E-Mail Removed) wrote:
> in looking through the options on the 20 d i discovered that i have a
> few questions:
> 1) as i work with my pix in photoshop should i set my space to srgb or
> rgb? i use rgb in photoshop

If you're using Photoshop 7 or CS, I recommend you set your Color
Setting to "U.S. Prepress. Defaults." The setting is for RGB.

> 2) which of the 'parameters is better? 1 or 2 and if 2 should any of
> the subdivision be changed? (contrast, sharpness etc)

I'm using a 1DMkII and have just acquired a 20D. In both cameras, I do
not use Contrast or any of the "add controls" because I prefer to take
my pictures RAW and process them later in one of my computers. Both my
cameras are set to RGB.

> 3) any suggestions to change any of the other functions?

I havn't any suggestions for making a change. So far, the defaults work
for me.

> 4) does anyone have a favorite 'raw' software to import the canon raw
> files?

If you're working with Photoshop 7, it's too late to get a RAW file
downloaded from Adobe. Adobe took the file off their web site when they
released Photoshop CS. Photoshop CS and Elements 3 has RAW picture
processing included in the program.

> tia ...
> steve

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David J Taylor
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Michael A. Covington wrote:
> "David J Taylor" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>> Steve,
>> There's a newsgroup dedicated to DSLRs like the 20D at:
>> Cheers,
>> David

> Quite a bit of the world still doesn't get that newsgroup. I don't
> know what happened to it, but neither of my 2 totally unrelated
> servers gets it yet, even though it has existed for a month.

That's partially why I mentioned it - to remind people to chase their
service providers to get access to the new groups....


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Posts: n/a
On Thu, 2 Dec 2004 22:23:08 -0000
In message <(E-Mail Removed)>
"David J Taylor" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> <SNIP>

I have a comment to make:

CHARTER THIS! ____________________________

This *is* the most appropriate place to ask these questions. When
groups get splintered and tightly focused, the broad spectrum of
knowledge gets lost... and being exposed to ALL aspects of digital
photography and film related background knowledge. I find that the
value of THIS forum *is* the wide diversity.

(written with only a bit of sarcasm, and not intended to be attacking.
the real problem, as I see it, is that eGroups sold out to Yahoo, and
anyone who was grandfathered into the focused moderated
product-specific groups has had many problems dealing with the
completely unresponsive Yahoo lack-of-Customer Service. I thought the
original eGroups provided that focused type of balance for a broad
topic usenet group like this.)

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