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Canon ScanGear and colour management

rick cameron
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I have a Canon 5200F scanner and a Canon i560 printer.

In the driver for the scanner - ScanGear - under Preferences, there's a page
for Colour Settings. The main choices are:

- Recommended
- Canon ColorGear
- None

Under Canon ColorGear, you can choose what appear to be colour profiles for
the scanner and the printer.

I'm wondering whether I would get the best colour fidelity if I explicitly
choose a profile for the scanner and the printer - especially because
they're both from the same manufacturer.

The manual is useless, and so is Canon online support. I asked them about
this, and their reply amounted to, 'we don't know enough to answer your

Is anyone familiar with ScanGear and/or ColorGear?


- rick

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Photoshop type color management is poorly implemented in high end Canon
printers and essentially non-existent for your printer. There is no need to
be concerned about profiling your scanner.

I recommend you develop a system using your photo program and the Canon
printer driver that works for you.

If you want to implement color management you need to use a photo program
that supports color management, calibrate your monitor and go a few notches
up on the printer food chain. It is complicated but worth the effort if your
source images are of adequate quality and important enough to you to want to
print them as best as possible.

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