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24 x36 poster from 3.06 mb file looks great !

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Date: 2004-11-08 19:27:27 PST
largest size print from raw image ?
i wrote
>i got a nice group shot of my nephew and a few of his friends on the side
>of there football game 2 weeks ago.
> i would like to have it printed out the biggest size print possible where it
>would still look good .
>as a full size raw image @ 16 bit the file size as a tiff is 38 mb , @ 8 bit
>can be saved as 2-3 mb jpeg .
>the link below is the jpeg down to 72 res .
>ive printed it out @ sams club as an 8x0 and it looks great .
>anyone recamend a place for big prints ? and way to go about it, send large
>tiff on cd?
> constructive comments welcome on the picture

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From: Savidge4 ((E-Mail Removed))
Subject: Re: largest size print from raw image ? Removed) wrote the challenge below


I am so tired of hearing that you cant get good looking large images from 6 mp
cameras. I am going to go ahead and put my money were my mouth is Heres the
deal. I will give you a
FREE 24x36 dye print from your Jpeg file. (I am assuming it is 2000x3000
resolution roughly)

All i need is your file e-mailed to me, and your address and I will send it out
the next day for sure.

In return for this I would like you to come back and post about the qualty..
sound fair?

Hope that Helps!

it sure did !
i sent him a 3.06 mb file of the shot taken in raw large format converted in 8
bit mode and saved as a jpeg .
shot was taken with the canon 10d , iso 1600 ,70-200 2.8l is
i didn't do any editing at all to the image as it had a cool look about it,
kids all dirty from the football game .
ive seen more sharper pictures but this really captured the moment
thats why i enquired about a larger print .

the quality of the print is excellent , mr savidge done an excellent job and i
want to do another poster size print of a much sharper image in the near
future .
if the quality of a sharp image holds up the way this 1600 iso print did he is
tottaly right about making a nice large poster size print from a smaller file !

he used the 42" HP Designjet 500 dye ink plotter. for the print .
i am gratefull for the print and im going to have the kids sign it and get a
nice frame made .
in conclusion he made a claim and backed it up !


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