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Basic IOS question

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As someone who is new to Cisco products (but learning fast!), I have a
question that is not answered by Cisco's own website.

Is there just one version of IOS for all products?

I can see references to v12.4, but there is no breakdown as to
versions for different products.

If so, how does the feature set "switching" work if it is installed on
different units, such as routers that do DSL, ISDN or just Ethernet?


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No, there is a different IOS for each product line. 3550 switches use a
different IOS than 3745 routers, which is different from the 6500
series switches, etc. If you have access to their software download
page, you will see that you have to choose your platform before getting
the proper software.


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Walter Roberson
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In article <(E-Mail Removed). com>,
Robert <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
:No, there is a different IOS for each product line. 3550 switches use a
:different IOS than 3745 routers, which is different from the 6500
:series switches, etc.

When experimental new features are being introduced, it can get down
a different IOS version per model (not just product line). Sometimes
the experimental versions effectively have a different IOS version
depending on whether the model has a particular module is installed or not.

Even when you get to the mainline "general deployment" versions,
there are different features for different models, so 12.4(1) for
(say) a 4000-series router might have important differences from
12.4(1) for a 6500-series router. Sometimes the same binary images
are used and feature determination is based on the hardware it finds
itself running on, but different binary images for different models
is more common than not.
Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature.
-- Rich Kulawiec
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Hi Jim,

You may wish to investigate the Cisco IOS Software Selector:

Cisco IOS Upgrade Planner:

Cisco Software Advisor:

and the Cisco Software Search Tool:


Brad Reese
BradReese.Com Cisco Repair Service Experts
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Asheville, North Carolina USA 28803
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International: 828-277-7272

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Thanks all, this has answered my question.

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