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Digital Point and Shoot Question

Larry R Harrison Jr
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      10-25-2004 Removed) (AustinBoston) wrote in message news:<(E-Mail Removed). com>...

> I doubt the camera is going to wear out from doing what it is designed
> to do.

At some point, yes it can. Believe me, I don't want to be a
discouraging nag and I'm glad she willingly participates in this hobby
with me. But at some point it can get ridiculous. And though it's a
Nikon and it's designed to take pictures, nothing lasts forever and
I'd imagine at some point it would wear out. I'd hate for it to wear
out where she was, say, shooting 10 pictures of the same thing where
there was NO variance in focus or angle or lighting or settings used
it looks EXACTLY the same yet there's 10 photos of it. I'd imagine
you'd wear a camera out like that eventually.

> How is it waste? Is she throwing something away, or do you have to
> pay for bits or something? Does she sort and edit her own pictures?

No she doesn't, she involves me in it. If she didn't I'd care less,
but to have to do all that work it does get annoying.

> Austin (wishes he could get his DW to take more pictures)

And what does "DW" mean? Why couldn't you type that all the way out?
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Posts: n/a
(E-Mail Removed) wrote:
> (E-Mail Removed) (AustinBoston) wrote:
> > Austin (wishes he could get his DW to take more pictures)

> And what does "DW" mean? Why couldn't you type that all the way out?

DW = Dear Wife (common netspeak in the US). BTW, the "D" has many
other interpretations for others (has to be gleaned from context) but
can mean Dumb, Danm, Darling, etc.

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