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WinCE 4.2 802.11 Association problems

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I am having an issue with Win CE 4.2 and Wireless Zero Config (WZC). I can Associate fine to an AP the first time. However, if I move out of range of that AP and do not find any other AP's to Associate to, and then roam back in range, WZC will not Associate back to that original AP. I can see that the AP is visible in the WZC util, but CE will not Associate until I press the "Connect" button. If I cycle the power on the card during this state, then CE will Associate when the card binds (as expected).

I am looking through the WZC code now to see what the problem is. I am making some progress, but thought I would post this to see if anyone else has seen this, and if they found a solution.

Note that this problem only exists with CE 4.2 WZC. The WZC w/WM 2003 works fine under the same scenario. Also, if I use a different utility to manage the WLAN (e.g. Cisco's instead of WZC), then I have no issue either.

thanks for any help,

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