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It's possible or I'm crazy ? :)

Salvatore Ansani
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Hi all !!!!
I known this is an extreme solution but I think it's possible (not ???
why not ?? ...)
I've a 1760-V router with CME 3.x.
Router's Fasthethernet is linked to Cisco Aironet AP 1121 (802.11 b/g)
via wired cable.

I've two ip phone (a 7960 and a 7912G), each linked with an ethernet

Ethernet converter are correctly associated with AP.

When I make a phone call (codec: g711) sometime I get a noisy voice,
sometime I can't made any call, sometime my phones lost registration
with CME, sometime all ok.

What I can modify to optain a stable system ???

If is'nt possible to get a working system (yes I known cisco rules...)
why not ???

Speed requirements are good, QoS is ok and 7920 works OK !!!!!

Open my eyes


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