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Advice on digital vs old type developing

Alan Meyer
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"Jake Forbes" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed) om...
> Sorry gents. I really meant to talk about medium format cameras.
> Are there any good online galleries that show B&W prints taken with
> digital cams (and actually identify the model of the camera used).
> This would be extremely helpful.
> Thanks to all.
> Jake

There aren't many companies left making medium
format cameras. I assume by medium, you mean
60 mm, i.e. 120 roll film (or 220 if you can still get
cameras that support it and still find the film.)

I have an old Mamiya C3 with 80 mm lens that
took many great photos for me. You can still
occasionally find these used.

For a new camera at a reasonably low price, the only
one left that I'm aware of is the Chinese Seagull.
Originally I think it was a knockoff of the Yashicamat,
which in turn was a knockoff of the Rolleiflex twin lens
reflex. [I just checked Ebay and saw a nice looking
Yashicamat 124G for sale. The older cameras do
come up from time to time.]

You might be hesitant to buy a Chinese camera, but
my understanding is that they've sold millions of these
over the years and made steady refinements so that
the quality is pretty good.

On the other hand, you might want spend thousands
on a new Mamiya or Hasselblad. But unless you are
very wealthy, it makes little sense to me to spend so
much on a pro level camera that will provide only a
small margin of improvement over a consumer model.


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