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nat from outside to outside
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My router has three interface fa0, fa1 and fa2. fa0 connects to the
internal network. fa1 connects to the internet and fa2 connects to a
customer network. This customer network requires me to access to their
network only via NAT on fa2. Therefore I have "ip nat outside" on fa1
and fa2, and fa0 has "ip nat inside".

This works as expected.

The problem arises when the VPN users, who connect to the router via
fa1 (internet interface), also wants to access to the cusomter network.
In this case, I use "ip nat outside" to make NAT translation for VPN
users like this :

# ip nat outside source list vpn-address-list pool customer-pool

but it does work at all.

Any advice is really appreciated.


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You could try using a route map with the NAT pool.

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