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Are Kodak accessory lenses very useful?

Hap Shaughnessy
Posts: n/a
The DX7440 Lens Adapter has finally shown up online at &,

I'm well within budget buying the DX7440 with extra money left over.

Question: are the RETINAR 37 mm Telephoto and 37 mm Close-Up Lenses
worth adding to my camera's accessories?

I mostly shoot family events & portraits / cityscapes / country scenes
/ gardens and wildlife that live in or visit our backyard creek.

I'm thinking that a telephoto lens may be useful for photos of birds
and other critters and the close-up lenses would work well for
capturing flower details.

The Kodak Canada descriptions and sales pitch
for these digital camera accessories is sketchy at best.

As an example for the 37 mm telephoto lens they write, "Bring the
action closer to you without moving at all. This high quality,
all-glass lens will give your pictures maximum sharpness and
world-class image quality." What is that? LOL

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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