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easy free/cheap pano head

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I made a panorama head this weekend in about an hour. I didn't need any
measurements. I made an L bracket by screwing two pieces of scrap
together. Then I cut a slot with a router to accept the baseplate of my

The only thing that matters is to make the L a perfect right angle, and
then to put the hole for the tripod threads perfectly in line with the
middle of the lens.

I made the two pieces of wood, and I made a slot in the vertical piece
that is horizontal to the base. This slot allows the camera to move
forwards and backwards over the nodal point of the lens. Then I screwed
the two pieces together. There are more secure ways to attach two pieces
of wood, but if the camera is hit that hard, I don't know that it makes
a difference (;-0) Finally, I mounted the camera to the bracket, and used
a square to mark exactly where the center of the lens is, in regard to
the base plate. I made a hole in a random location, and mounted the t-
nut. Because the slot in the vertical plate allows the camera to move
back and forth, I was able to determine where to mount the camera to make
it rotate through the nodal point.


The completed bracket. The camera would be held in place with a bolt
through a washer. The bolt is screwed through the tripod T-nut for safe

The bracket mounted to the tripod, with the camera attached. It's a
reflection off a window, so it's not very high quality:

I used a T-nut to attach the bracket to the tripod. I cut out the bottom
of the bracket to accomodate the tnut:

Here is a 15 frame panorama (reduced to 41k):

It was a lot easier to make this bracket than I expected, and it works
great. The slot in the vertical piece allows me to move the camera
forwards to accomodate the motion of the nodal point when the lens zooms.
I think I might even be able to mount my .68 (wc-e6 adapter, but that
was not a primary consideration when building it.


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All a pano head does is locate the camera at a specific point in relation to
the pivot point of the tripod.

Some places charge a lot of money for such a simple item.

Some people do as the OP has done,look at what it does and knock one up

More power to the OP's skills,it's what makes these newgroups interesting.

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