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pointless progress bars

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Has anyone else noticed that the progress bar indicators of newer software
are quite pointless? I say that because they don't actually indicate
anything related to the task at hand other than "the computer has not
crashed... yet". Next time you start up Windows XP you will see what I
mean. The bar fills up, empties itself, and fills up again, nonstop until
Windows loads. You will notice this style is prevelant in many new software
programs, including non-Microsoft programs. There's really no point in
having the progress bar at all because it gives no indication as to how
close the task is to being completed. Windows 95 saw the appearance of
blocky, cumbersome indicators that gave only a relative position. Of
course, those bars appeared to be full when the task was really only about
90% done. Does anybody remember Windows 3.1? Yes I know it sucked but at
least the progress indicators scaled properly, and were accurate down to the
1%. So maybe some programmers are looking over this post and can provide
some insight? I fail to see why the progress bar has devolved from
something that was flawless, to now being a pointless animation.

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