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advice please for purchasing a computer

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Hi, I am looking at purchasing a new DeskTop but not sure whether to get it
made up from Dell Computers or purchase a Model from a Shop.

any ideas?

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I am intending to use the computer for making up our own DVD home movies of
our trips and families.

At present i am using a laptop 40 GB HD, 512 Ram 2.4 CPU.

It is just a little slow.

Idea's from anyone in the know i would appreciate before making a stupid
purchase. I reckon i need at least 1 GB Ram minimum, 160 GB HDD. but am not
clear on the CPU thing.


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Yeah, it appears that the dual core CPU's are at least as twice as fast as
single core CPU's in multimedia benchmarks (even if the single core
operates at twice the frequency speed). If you wait another 6 months or
so, the prices will drop, but hey, if you can afford it now, might as well
get one now. Only live once.

I am not a hardcore gamer (I only play games like Asteroids, Pong, etc.
that'd even play on a 486DX) and I don't crunch video, so I'm still using a
4 year old AMD Athlon XP 1.8 gigahertz CPU which are going for $40 on ebay!

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