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all the old computers I've owned

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first computer:

Timex Sinclair got in 1984 or so, pecked in a lot of BASIC programs,
never got a tape drive for it.


ColecoVision ADAM........can't remember if I had to plug my ColecoVision
game console into it....I think the ADAM had a cartridge slot I should have just bought the ADAM first.......I should
have bought a Commodore 64 instead......

RadioShack Color Computer, CoCo, bought used for $20 at a yard sale. It
had a 5 1/4 drive.

Tandy 1000HX bought in 1988(?).......bought for $600 brand
new........8088(?) cpu, no hard drive, 3.5 diskette drive....ran MS-DOS
with a sort of Radio Shack GUI layered onto it, no mouse.....I should
have bought the mouse.....wrote college papers on it......

Macintosh Plus bought used for $120 in the early 90's..........wrote
papers on it..........

big leap,
bought a Pentium 133mhz Windows 95 system in 1996 for $800 brand
new.......first time on the internet......

in 1999 sold this to my cousin and then bought a Cyrix 266mhz system
brand new for $300 or so from a mom and pop shop.......sold in 2000 to a
friend for $250

in 2000 bought an AMD 333mhz system brand new for $400, then sold to my
sister in 2001......

in 2001, bought a 450mhz Compaq Deskpro EN used off ebay for $90. Then
bought a used Dell 450mhz P2 shortly after........then an HP Vectra of
about 800mhz speed in 2004 bought an AMD 2.2 gigahertz
system brand 2005 bought an HP e-pc 900mhz small form factor
PC used for $80 off ebay.........still have the last 2

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