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RE: Wireless LAN Really slow

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"RV" wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a couple of wirless laptops and a desktopwhich are linked through a Linksys Wirelsss-B Access Point, and the desktop is hardwired into the router. I've noticed that when I try to transfer files between computers, it is extremely slow. Although it says that I'm connected at 11Mbps, the transfers are no where near that fast. For example, sometimes it takes up to a minute just to transfer a file that's 1MB in size. During transfer, I open up the networking tab to the Windows Task Manager and it shows that only about 1 - 3 % of the bandwidth is being used. Any ideas on how to maximize this?
> Thanks
> RV


If you are sure that you have excellent signal and connected at 11mbps......but 1 min to download 1MB? Well i think your problem is that when you were configuring your access point you probably might have set the transfer rate at a lower speed to increase signal. Your computer will tell you its at 11mbps, but thats only cause you are a good signal and it assumes the connection is at its greatest....Try increasing the transfer rate in your settings of your access point....Good luck.
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