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UPDATE: Mystery "Logging on to network" (dial up) takes long time

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Thanks to everyone (especially Charlie R) who responded. I tried glee's
procedure in part, there was no "Quick Logon" in mine. It didn't work.

I used the link (see below) presented to me by Charlie R. What really
fixed my problem, I unchecked "Log On To Network". WOW! Now
I can log on in a "flash"!


From (thanks) :

As default, Windows 9x sets options on a Dial-Up account which aren't
actually necessary. This can often cause the "Verifying Username and
Password" to take a very long time.

The solution is to follow the below steps:

1 - Double-click My Computer

2 - Double-click Dial Up Networking

3 - Right click on the Dial Up Connection you use, and click Properties

4 - Click on the Server Types tab

5 - Uncheck 'Log On To Network', 'NetBEUI' and 'IPX/SPX Compatible'

6 - Click OK

7 - Dial up again. You should find that the logging in process is now much

On Wed, 27 Sep 2006 17:49:27 GMT, you wrote:

> I recently bought a used Toshiba "Satellite" 2105CDS (WIN98se) laptop.
>After I downloaded the drivers for this model from Toshiba's site, I formatted
>the HDD and installed Win98SE (not from a "System Restore" CD).
>I installed the drivers. Everything is fine, but the dial up connection
>(using internal 56K modem). Unlike my other Win98 computers, when I
>"connect" (via "Dialer"), "Connect" and "Confirming password" is normal
>(quick). "Logging on to network" takes a long time before this is finished
>(Dialer window closes and small icon appears in System Tray). I have tried
>several times on different days. My other slower computer, doesn't have this
>problem. Note: Afterwards, I have no trouble browsing and downloading
>(download speed is always fast for dial up).
> As a test, I installed a new PC card modem and it's driver. Using
>that modem, I still have the same problem!
> I called Toshiba tech support and he told me to check settings and compare
>them to the other computer. I already did that. Do you have any idea what
>might be causing this?
> Thanks in advance, Brad
> Before you type your password, credit card number, etc.,
> be sure there is no active keystroke logger (spyware) in your PC.

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