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migrating to ATM DS3 with BGP

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We just installed an ATM DS3 circuit with BGP with a the session up. Our
current configuration is with a 4.5 pipe with a BGP session configured. When
migrating over to the DS3 am I able to move traffic without affecting BGP on
the current circuit? Would I need to stop advertising the addresses and then
move traffic? Any help would be appreciated.


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I believe this is going to depend on your setup. Are the two circuits
going to the same provider? If so, the same neighbor? Is this a dual
homed Internet connection that is being upgraded, or a single circuit?
Answer those, and then we can get started answering your question.


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If you are migrate ckt type from ATM to serial DS3 within same ISP,
my 1 cents tip would be put static route on ATM ckt during BGP testing on new DS3. Static route is more prefer
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