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Messedup Edition? Not entirely...

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I would like to share my antivirus history with you on my 2001 Gateway

>From that year until late '03, I ran Norton AV until I got too broke to

renew the subscription. I had occasional ME crashes and the usual
rants, nothing big time.

For a year I ran no antivirus whatsoever, than decided to go shopping
in early '05. I started to download the latest Norton, then said to
myself forget about this - it's both too $$ and uses nearly half the
256mB memory to run! I then remembered Symantec and installed their
ZoneAlarm AV/firewall. Cheaper and less memory intensive, it had a
good interface and lots of customizations, just like like Norton's.

Almost right away strange stuff started happening. The computer
started and booted up fine, but ever since installing ZA, a new
pattern developed: The system hung on 4 out of 5 shut downs. Just a
black screen with a blinking cursor at 10'clock(that's "upper left
hand" for those of you that don't understand military lingo - my boss
was in the army and taught me all the lingo!).

I had to forced-shutdown the machine, then turned it back on. It
booted up and was running scan disk. It stated that it found "48XXXyz"
kilobytes of unused whatever whaawawaawAAA!! and asked if I would like
to delete it or save it. I deleted it and the systemd finished
booting. Then, a sign popped up "It appears as though you have no AV
protection, would you like to turn ZoneAlarm on ( )Y ()N? I clicked
"Yes" and proceeded to use my system normally.

I go through this ritual more regularly than some go to church!

I'm not proud of Windows Messedup Edition, BUT - I don't think it's to
blame in this case. Anyone concur?

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Duane Arnold
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> I'm not proud of Windows Messedup Edition, BUT - I don't think it's to
> blame in this case. Anyone concur?

One, you're using ZA.
Two, you're using Windows ME.

What more needs to be said?

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