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Excerpt: How to Get Ahead in Tech Groups

Steve O'Keefe
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I have permission from John Wiley & Sons to distribute an
excerpt from the new book, "Putt's Law and the Successful
Technocrat," a 25th Anniversary remake of the howlingly
funny classic on climbing corporate hierarchies. The
excerpt contains Putt's advice on the Internet, including
Putt's Paradox:

"The more firmly you are caught in the Web,
the faster you can outpace your competition."

"Putt's Law" was originally released in 1981 and achieved
cult status for its scathing satire about the way groups
behave. "Every technical hierarchy, in time, develops a
competence inversion," says Putt, in his most oft-quoted
corollary. Readers of Putt's Law will learn such valuable
techno-Machiavellian skills as how to leverage failure and
how to beat out colleagues who are always right. The
author's anonymity gives these teachings the air of
omniscience you want in a rule book.

In the excerpt I'm distributing, Archibald Putt shows he's
learned a lot from bloggers and others on the Internet.
Putt's third law of decision making is "a decision is
judged by the conviction with which it is uttered." Sounds
like a page from the bloggers handbook, doesn't it?

To get the excerpt, send (E-Mail Removed)
with the subject line "Send Putt's Law" and I will reply
with the text -- and *only* the text -- NO file attachments
or opt-in mailing list jive. Thank you.

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