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Multiple sessions of OSX, XP or Linux on one MacBook!!!

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Ever dreamt of having Windows, OSX and Linux on one computer?
Then watch this video ... it's just amazing!!!
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Everyone knows that you can do that know. With Mac OS X Intel version
you can install it on a intel PC. Linux works on any computer and
Windows can be run on Mac with boot camp.


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Stéphane Hennebert <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in news:6e564
$44722226$57f4a5c2$(E-Mail Removed):


Why did Apple decide to go with Intel for their cpu's? if Apple is such a
"Think Different" company, then why not go with an AMD cpu? AMD's are
faster, cheaper than Intel cpu's, and AMD isn't the huge monolith that is
Intel. Weird. Macs are OK, I guess. I've used both platforms. I want
Linux running on my 2 AMD boxes but the wife says no (she loves Windows
XP). Time to get one of those OS partition thingies. Does Linux have one
bundled with it?

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