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does anyone have an aol cd lying around?

Emma Brown
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is there a way around that? because he doesn't make much money at his job
and needs to save his money. i don't like netzero, i was thinking of
something real such as msn or shaw

"Plato" <|@|.|> wrote in message
news:446e9fb5$1$4839$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Emma Brown wrote:
>> it's ok - he only wants the free trial - i'm moving in in a month and
>> we'll be setting up with a better ISP straight away. for now he just
>> wants something so he can get online. please!!

> When you go and cancel the cancel page often doesnt work, by design.
> Your credit card will continue to be charged.
> --

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"C2" <(E-Mail Removed)>wrote :

|your "boyfriend"? your a faggot (you a guy i know). besides stop trolling
|for aol accounts and passwords. also, aol sucks bigtime. it's very slow and
|an1 in the rit mind should not use aol or aim. if no1eep posts in this, then
|you know aol really sucks, because people like nos1eep feed off posts like

I have a fan-b0i, isn't that cute?
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