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Help me decide between two Dells

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I am looking at two Dells right now. One, I've already agreed to purchase
and I'm considering calling him back and telling him that I'm not
interested, but I don't know what to do.

I'm looking at these two:

1) Latitude C600
PIII 850 Mhz pentium mobile processor
384 MB ram
14.1" XGA screen with 8MB dedicated graphics
2 x 65W-hr almost new Sony LiIon batteries (4+ hours fully charged) (just
the batteries are more than a 100 dollars each on Dell website )
802.11b wireless card
CDROM drive
Win 2K
Comes with all accessories (Battery adapter, External floppy drive and
carrying case )


2) Inspiron B120 or B130

Specs for B120
Celeron 1.4 GHz
512 shared, 2 Dimm (B130: 256 DDR2 SDRAM 1 Dimm)
40 gig HD
24x CD burner / DVD combo
1370 Internal Wireless
XP Home edition

599- 100 dollar mail in - 1/3 off for president's day sale = approx. 333.00

My questions are:
1) Is it a better idea to go with the Pentium III even though it's slower
than the Celeron?
2)The Inspirons are cheaper, but I'm going to have to mess with removing all
of the extra crap that Dell puts on it. Is it worth the time??
3) Which would you buy and why?

I don't know much about computers. I currently have a desktop that I built
about 5 years ago and I haven't really kept up with things since then.
Any adivce much appreciated. I have to make my decision by tommorrow!!


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It would help if you explain what you plan to do on the laptop and why you
are considering these older models.

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