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Broadcasting A BlueTooth Message?

Henryk =?ISO-8859-15?Q?Pl=F6tz?=
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Am Mon, 13 Feb 2006 19:38:12 +0000 schrieb JD:

> While we are all on the subject of bluetooth, a friend has asked me
> if it is possible for him to connect his laptop to his phone via
> bluetooth and surf the Internet via his phone, I assume this is
> possible how would I go about finding information/ software to
> accomplish this ?

Depends on your friend's phone and its capabilities as well as on you
friend's laptop's Bluetooth stack and its capabilities. Simply read the
phone's fine manual. These tend to describe the process in excruciating
detail. (Or at least: Tell us the exact make of the phone you're
talking about so that we can read the manual for you.)

Henryk Plötz
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      02-17-2006 wrote:
> But imagine that you walk into ASDA, and immediately your phone tells you
> that Garlic Bread in Aisle 14 is Buy One Get One Free?????!!!!
> Is that spamming????!!!

Yes, unless you specifically requested such notices before they sent you the
first one.

Hillary Clinton lambasted the 24-hour delay between the Cheney hunting accident
and his notifying the press. If asked why it took her 6 DAYS to notify anyone
about Vince Foster's suicide note, she'd say, "That's different, it took a
long time to forge that note convincingly."
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baileys2611 baileys2611 is offline
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What you are asking for is called 'bluetooth proximity marketing' and yet it is entirely possible.

There's quite a few on the market including, and and and even a piece of dedicated hardware (American) at

Haven't found a good free one yet, but still looking.
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