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Stupid question regarding ASA with SSM module
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I hope this isn't too stupid a question, but I'm a bit rusty on Cisco
gear (10 years since I last touched it) and we just got a spanking new
ASA 5520 with SSM-10 module...

What is the ethernet port in the SSM module for? What is it's factory
default IP address?

I was under the impression that communication between the ASA and the
SSM happens internally, including management through ASDM. Meaning
there's no need for another network link up. But, when trying to admin
it by choosing IPS in ASDM (*) I get asked to connect to another IP
address (is that the factory set one?) but that connection fails, as
it's in a totally different class.

Nothing in the docs seems to tell me what the port is for.

(*) Yes, I probably should be using PIX IOS, but as I said I'm so rust,
I would likely manage to shoot myself in the foot badly. I'll get back
into IOS when I've got the basic setup working.


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