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Netgear PS101 - be careful - OLD product.

- Bobb -
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If you're gonna get one, "good" serial number starts with 10y259bx..." all the others started with "10y2596..." and had OLD

They had these on sale on Sunday for $10 after rebate. I bought one in Salem, NH store and had issues installing XP with it. I
connected to it via http and .. could not do anything to it but see the factory info onscreen and change the password. It was
late -store closed, so I went to Netgear website to check if maybe firmware updates and the last update was #6029 in Sept 2004. I
just bought this 12/05 - and mine had fw #6024 and the Cd with it was dated 2003 ! I downloaded the zip file and - it's a BIN
file - that's all . No info on website on what to do with it / HOW to upgrade the fw. I checked their forums and FULL of people
complaining about support . I found threads asking "how to update firmware?" going back 18 months up thru last week. I figured:
"That's it - I'll just return it." I left a note to Netgear support that they ought to reads the threads for all of their products
because the entire forum is FULL of people complaining.
Yesterday I went to CompUSA to return it. On the ride there, I was thinking ...if I could get it to work - for $10 it's a good deal.
SO I told them my problem , checked the store inventory and found ONE that had a much higher serial number. I swapped mine for it
and brought it home. It worked - still not latest firmware (6026) but it worked. I checked back in the Netgear forum and for the
PS101 thread it now has a pointer to the upgrade file. (maybe they read my email ?) I downloaded it - upgraded the firmware and ..
now it looks/works great. If you're familiar with HP printserver screens - this is very simliar. But be careful - pay attention to
the serial numbers: "good" serial number starts with 10y259bx and had #6026 fw, all the others started with "10y2596..." and had
very OLD firmware. MAYBE just this one store, but they had about 30 of them in stock - they said that they sell quite a few - so
SOMEONE's warehousing them. In any case, the pointer to the UPDATE program for Netgear printservers is:

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