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Have you ever mistakenly opened a suspect file, or tried to install a new device only to find that the OS becomes completely unstable ?

Restore pc
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Have you ever wished you could go back in time? Maintain the integrity of
your PC or the workstations of your employees? Have you ever mistakenly
opened a suspect file, or tried to install a new device only to find that
the OS becomes completely unstable or even unbootable? Have you ever deleted
a crucial file or been infected by a destructive virus?

These are some of the many problems that PC users and administrators face
every day, and which could only be resolved by a reformat, re-installation
or hours of diagnostic work - all of which costs hours or days.

With the HD Recovery Card you can restore your data, programs and settings
instantly. The HD Recovery Card ignores the actions that have taken place
and reconfigures your hard drive to a status you have predefined. This means
even the most potent virus is nullified by a reboot; it means that you can
install software or devices with no incompatibility fears; or you can
recover mistakenly deleted files with a simple reboot.

The Recovery Card provides various levels of protection by taking an image
of your hard drive's key data and analysing subsequent changes. The key data
is stored independently to the computer's motherboard or hard drive system
data, creating a safe image.

When an 'instant recovery' is chosen, the card will restore the hard drive
data within seconds. This recovery can still be successfully done following
a drive format, and the user does not need to find any of their installed
program or driver disks as this information has already been 'backed up' by
the Card.

With careful image planning, the Recovery Card can provide an ongoing
protection against deletion of files, folders, programs, drivers etc.
Following an accidental deletion it is possible to revert to the last image,
and as long as the relevant file existed at the time the image was taken, it
can be restored as if it had never been deleted.

STABILITY The installation of the product will not affect the system's
stability and performance.
AUTHORISATION Powerful security features to prevent unauthorised personnel
from changing the configuration or restoration function.
INSTANT QUICK RECOVERY No matter how the data is destroyed; either by virus
infection, deletion, fdisk, modification, overwrites or improper Windows
shutdown. Just reboot, and your system will recover immediately. No other
additional system/data recovery operations are required.
CMOS DATA RECOVERY Any unauthorised changes made to the CMOS, the Recovery
Card can automatically repair.
OTHER FEATURES Onboard hard drive clone utility.

Technical details
Card Type PCI
OS Support DOS / WIN 3.1 / WIN95 / WIN98 / WIN ME / NT / 2000 / XP
File System Support FAT16 / BIGDOS / FAT32 / NTFS
Drive Support IDE / EIDE / ATA33-133 / S-ATA / SCSI
Computer Base IBM PC compatible with 80386 and above processor
Auto Restore CMOS data Yes
Restore Mode Selections Automatic Restore / Manual Restore / Scheduled
Restore / Password Restore
Multi Boot Support Yes
Auto Restore Boot Partition Each Reboot / 12 hours / Daily / Weekly /
Physical Size 65mm * 30mm

*Note: The HD Data Recovery Card will not recover data in the event of a
hardware failure of the protected drive because the card uses a part of this
drive for it's own restoration imaging. The card will not recover lost data
if installed AFTER the data loss, the card can only protect and restore data
changes from the time it is installed and configured.

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