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Comcast slowdown?

Terry Joyce
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I am sending this to everyone with Comcast. Are you experiencing a
slowdown or an inability to "find" web pages?
If so I have the answer. Comcast switched the DNS servers from in house
local to a nationwide server. This is the computer that resolves
requests to location of web page. If you set the DNS to one of the ones
listed in the attached file and then reboot computer (including turning
cable modem on and off) you should get a much faster, more accurate
I am using with as the alternate. System seems very fast.

Here is how:
1. Start
2. Control Panel
3. Network connections
4. Highlight Local Area Network and choose properties
5. Highlight Internet protocol (TCP/IP) and choose properties
6. General Tab 4th button down "Use the following DNS Server"
7. Fill in the provided numbers or try a different one from the attached
8. Turn Computer off including Cable Modem (just unplug it for 5 seconds)
9 Replug modem and turn computer on.

That simple. If you want me to do let me know. ( I can do it remotely if
you are on my messenger list)

Hope this helps
If your Internet is fine, Forget all this.
Tee Jay
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