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Odd virus issue - coming from Antivirus company?

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A friend of mine sent out a change of (email) address email to several
people. I was also on the list. For the last couple of days, the people
on the list are getting this same email message sent to them
constantly. I get about 3k when I log in in the morning. Her ISP said
someone on the list had a virus. I decided to check my PC just to be
sure. I ran Nortan AV NAV (installed) and came up clean. I then used
Computer Associates ( to do an online scan. This also
came up clean. Just for good measure, I decided to do a scan with Trend
Micro ( Shortly into the process, my
installed version of NAV Auto-Protect pops up a window that says it has
detected and deleted a virus: backdoor.sdbot. At about the same time
Trend Micro claims to find the BKDR_SDBOT.IP virus - the same damn
virus - but cannot fix it. Presumably, this is because NAV already took
care of it. I decided to test this again by repeating the test. Sure
enough, shortly into the Trend process, NAV catches the virus. Is Trend
Micro downloading a virus to my PC?

This is supposedly an older virus. My NAV is current, I use a router, I
have my XP Pro firewall on and I also use Zone Alarm Pro. I doubt I
could have caught this virus any other way.

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