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Apps, windows and menus need opening twice, anyone wanna help me out ?

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I am hoping someone can explain why I have suddenly encountered the
following problem, or HOW to fix it....
If I open, say...Display from the Control Panel, or a new Application or
Window, or even a message Box which requires a 'yes','no' or 'details'.....
it is OPEN (as in it has an ACTIVE title Bar), then suddenly the Active Bar
changes colour to my Inactive 1, and i HAVE TO right click on the Bar to
re-open it ?
It never actually closes from off the screen, it just goes from Active to
Inactive EVERY time i open something,
This has been going on for a week or so...Has Any1 got any advice as to how
i can sort it out please ?
Yeah!, i have run the usual checks.. and i don't believe my comp is infected
with anything..
Hope ya can help guys, cheers - Morph

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