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Returning to a lost site

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At lot of people in here probably already know this, but I have only
just found out so I am posting for the benefit of anyone who doesn't

When you visit a website and you don't bookmark it, and you forget the
name of the website, and also it has been a few days since you went
there, it may take quite a while to find it by looking through your
history, especially if you visit a lot of sites everyday like me.

When you click the "history" logo at the top in explorer, it brings up
the list of sites you have visited on the left. If you want to find
the site you went to you can just click on the search button within
history and it will narrow down your history to sites containing a
specific word.

For example, I visited a website to buy some catnip spray for our pet
cat the other day, and couldn't find the site I went to, so I just
went to the search within history, and typed in catnip. It narrows it
down to just a few sites that I have been to recently looking at
catnip products.


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Will Dearborn
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Im sure nobody else realized you could search just by clicking on

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