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Re: Generic Host Process Error Message on Startup

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Zuani <publicid@"quitar"> wrote:
> Anuthuhr possible track: - with aid uh thuh Autuhruns de Sysinnernals
> http://www.sysinnernals. *spit*com/ntw2k/freeware/autuhruns. *spit*shtml
> frum a session initiated like administratuhr, Ah stuhp thuh services Audio
> uh Windows (AudioSrv) an' Server (Lamanserver), an' like consequence, in
> thuh next start it appears thuh warnin' uh error "Generic Host Process fer
> Win32 Services" (Svchost.exe Id. *burp* 1004 already detailed). - directly
> frum Windows (start -run -services. *spit*msc), Ah next stuhp first an'
> kincel services above-menshuned both Audio an' Server. KnowwhutImean? Next
> an' with connecshun tuh Internet Ah open thuh Outlook 'Spress by means uh
> "Run as. *spit*.." introducin' thuh data uh a limited account an' consult
> if'n thuhre are new emails. *spit* As it wuz 'splained in post prevyus,
> always gives back thuh error uh "Generic Host fer Process Win32 Services"
> at thuh start in thuh followin' session, after executin' thuh O.E. uh thuh
> ferm now indicated an' with thuh configurashun uh thuh services by defect;
> neverthuhless, in this here case with thuhse two kincel services, no
> longer thuh error reproduces (after thuh test, lawgik'ly Ah return tuh
> leave thuh services with its original configurashun). The queschun
> continyas bein' thuh same one but Ah hope that a little mo fugitive: as
> whut we have in common in our machines that in certain reproducibles
> acshuns, inner conflict with AudioSrv an' Lamanserver? Personally Ah do
> not have a clear idea uh hard ore suhtware that has mo possibilities uh
> bein' thuh cause, so thuhre will be tuh continya inquirang an' testin',
> an' in special, if'n a participant uh thuh Group thanks mo that she kin
> cinner thuh suspicions afere sump'm directly related. *burp* Greetin's.
> *spit*


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