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I propose the "Terrabyte Boyz Club"...

If we can get a small community going, we can feasibly set up 1000+ gmail
accounts (or similar). Then we should email all of our pr0n to these
accounts. The password should just be "guest" or something similar for
every single account.

Thereby creating a Terrabyte of public access to pr0n. We can categorize
the pr0n in the emails. eg Removed)

Further to this, I want to create the "Pr0n Star". Like the "Death Star",
but more of a big storage facility out in space. We should store all the
pr0n from Earth there, and then simply set it up as a one big "pub"
directory. Anyone that would like to set up the FTP component is more than
welcome. I'll be doing the OS installation...

Alien pr0n can go somewhere else.


Regarding technical support; There is NO favoritism.
Everyone is treated with an equal amount of disdain,
antipathy, imperiousness and contempt.
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(E-Mail Removed) wrote:
> I propose the "Terrabyte Boyz Club"...

I'll never join an environmentalist club.

If there is a Tourist Season, how come we can't shoot them?

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