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Re: Hum in my headphones...

Thawabah al-Raym
Posts: n/a
GolfNut, <(E-Mail Removed)>, the sugary, psychosomatic
parasite, and A refiner of precious dung, effused:

> When playing a game and using headphones...i get a hum in them. any
> clue why this might be...used to not do it?
> tw

Without you realising it, you ****in' steaming great moron, some **** has
leathered a ****in' Balata so ****in' hard into your ear that the only tune
you remember to hum is 'God of my salvation, hear'. Ring any bells, you
dumb ****?

Just what the **** are you doing on a course listening to ****in' music you
stupid ****wit, mmm?


Stupid ****.

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