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Re: how to access bios

Worig the finger-manoeuvrer
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Mellowed, <(E-Mail Removed)>, the dull, guts-griping clod, and
contractor of labourers at cheap rate of pay, exhausted:

> I found this in my archives. For what it's worth.
> ======================
> BIOS setup keystrokes
> The first item is the key or key combination.
> The second is the model of PC or the maker of the BIOS.
> You'll see some companies listed many times, with different
> keystrokes. That's normal. (It's not that manufacturers can't make up
> their minds. It's just that they change suppliers and use different
> BIOS setups.)
> Delete: AMI or Award BIOS.
> Esc: Toshiba
> F1: Toshiba; Phoenix; some IBM PS/1 models.
> F10: Compaq.
> F2: NEC.
> Insert: IBM PS/2.
> Tab: eMachines.
> Reset button (press twice): Some old Dells.
> Ctrl-Alt-+: Various computers.
> Ctrl-Alt-?: Some old IBM PS/2 models.
> Ctrl-Alt-Enter: Some Dells, others.
> Ctrl-Alt-Esc: AST, Tandon, others.
> Ctrl-Alt-Ins: Zenith PCs, Phoenix BIOS.
> Ctrl-Alt-S: Phoenix BIOS.
> Ctrl-Alt-Shift with Del (on number pad): Olivetti.
> Ctrl-Esc: Many PCs.
> Ctrl-Ins: Some IBM PS/2s.
> Ctrl-S: Phoenix BIOS.
> Ctrl-Shift-Esc: Tandon
> ============================

Plagiarised entirely from:

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