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[ANN] mlabrap-1.0b: a high level python to matlab bridge

Alexander Schmolck
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Mlabwrap-1.0 is a high-level python to matlab(tm) bridge that makes calling
matlab functions from python almost as convenient as using a normal python
library. It is available under a very liberal license (BSD/MIT) and should
work on all major platforms and (non-ancient) python and matlab versions and
either numpy or Numeric (Numeric support will be dropped in the future).


version 1.0b brings python 2.5 compatibility and various small fixes (improved
error handling for 7.3, improvements to etc.). Provided I don't get
any bug reports within the next two weeks or so the only difference between
this version and 1.0 final will be cheeseshop support. Since mlabwrap 1.0 will
be the last version that offers Numeric support anyone who wants to put off
the switch to numpy a bit longer and is interested in using mlabwrap is
strongly encouraged to download, test and possibly submit a bug report now.


Creating a simple line plot:

>>> from mlabwrap import mlab; mlab.plot([1,2,3],'-o')

Creating a surface plot:

>>> from mlabwrap import mlab; from numpy import *
>>> xx = arange(-2*pi, 2*pi, 0.2)

Creating a neural network and training it on the xor problem (requires netlab)

>>> net = mlab.mlp(2,3,1,'logistic')
>>> net = mlab.mlptrain(net, [[1,1], [0,0], [1,0], [0,1]], [0,0,1,1], 1000)

Thanks go to Taylor Berg and many others who tested and provided feedback for
the upcoming 1.0 release; more acknowledgements can be found on the website.


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