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Embedded and extending python 2.5: trouble with __main__ inPyRun_SimpleFileExFlags?

Carl Douglas
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Hi Python fans,

I am developing a DLL that is loaded by a host application on windows.
I'm using python 2.5.

My DLL uses an embedded python interpreter which can access the host
application through an API which I have exposed using SWIG 1.3.31.

Therefore I have both extended and embedded Python at once: the SWIG
generated code is statically linked into my DLL, and one of the
functions in my DLL executes PyRun_SimpleFile.

Using python25_d.dll, I stepped through some python code to understand
what is happening, and it appears that PyRun_SimpleFile is returning
-1 because python cannot create the module __main__.

Here's the code from pythonrun.c:

PyRun_SimpleFileExFlags(FILE *fp, const char *filename, int closeit,
PyCompilerFlags *flags)
PyObject *m, *d, *v;
const char *ext;

m = PyImport_AddModule("__main__");
if (m == NULL)
return -1;

BTW, PyImport_AddModule fails because deeper down a dictionary check fails:

if (!PyDict_Check(op))
return NULL;

Can someone suggest what I need to do to get this to work?

Here are the relevant lines from my code:

if (GetOpenFileName(&ofn)==TRUE)
init_mymodule(); // SWIG generated method

PyObject* PyFileObject = PyFile_FromString(ofn.lpstrFile, "r");

if (PyRun_SimpleFile(PyFile_AsFile(PyFileObject), ofn.lpstrFile)==-1)
MessageBox(NULL, "error running script", "Python", MB_ICONERROR);



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