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strange problem using modules from my own package.

krishnakant Mane
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hello all,
I found a very strange kind of behaviour in python with my own package.
I created a package in which there were 4 modules and one file
I created the entire project in eclipse (pydev).
it works fine there with the ide.
but now when I try running the code without eclipse, that is when I
run the individual .py file from a command promt it gives me error.
for example I have,, and of course in my package
the app is in wxpython which is not important in the context of this problem.
never the less I go in the directory called pbcf which is the name of
my package
there I have all the above mentioned files and the file
is the one I run for testing all the menus.
but here the moment I run the file, it starts giving me an error
saying pbcf is not a module.
I find that the same code runs without any problem in eclipse.
in I have from pbcf import * and in I have
of course included MySQLdb and wx
and in I have a connection object called CONCSS.
now when I have all the imports in mainwindow, it does work in eclipse
but does not on a normal command prompt.
why is this?
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