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I have Lython!
I want to make sure that anybody else who wants it can access it, so,
unless Mr. Egan objects, I'm hosting it here:
I had to patch it a bit because the number of arguments to
compiler.ast.Function.__init__ changed between 2.3 and 2.4, when
decorators were introduced. I haven't tested it on 2.5 because the last
time I upgraded python, my gentoo died.
I also took the liberty of adding some features such as primitive
interactivity, a '-c code' option, a '-h' option, an rc file
'~/', and a '-o file' option which dumps bytecode to file.
I've slated developing support for *args, **kwargs, default arguments,
+= and -= etc., reader macros ala common lisp, classes,
try...except...finally, and raise.

For the curious, here are some other implementations of lisp in python:

These implementations are great, but Lython has macro capabilities,
generates python byte code, and demonstrates the use of spark, a
fantastic parsing package.

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