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Re: Wierd M2Crypto bug - phony "peer did not return certificate" error

Jean-Paul Calderone
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On Fri, 12 Jan 2007 05:54:42 GMT, John Nagle <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>Heikki Toivonen wrote:
>> Removed) wrote:
>>> That's a problem for me. I need short timeouts; I'm accessing sites
>>>that might or might not have SSL support, and I need to quickly time
>>>out when there's no SSL server.

>> You should be able to do short timeouts, just not using the global
>> setdefaulttimeout. Have you tried Connection.set_socket_read/write_timeout?

> Yes. That does not affect the connect timeout; it's only effective once
>the connection has been opened. And adjusting the session timeout
>just recreates the blocking/non blocking problem.
> Incidentally, "get_socket_read_timeout()" doesn't work. Generates
>"EXCEPTION at socket level: unpack str size does not match format",
>every time, at least with Python 2.4 on Windows. The lower level
>function returns one number as a string, like "7200", and the unpack
>function tries to unpack it as "ll", which fails.
>> Also like I mentioned before, if you use the Twisted wrapper and let
>> Twisted handle network stuff you should be fine.

> That would mean struggling with Twisted and dealing with its bugs.
>(For example, has the MySQLdb mess been resolved for Twisted's API?)

I'd say so, unless you're referring to a bug you never reported (we only
fix those at about half the rate of reported bugs).

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