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MP4 codec download required

Ken Maltby
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"GDS" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> "Clubsprint" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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>> That would be VLC that works, however still trying to get MEdia player to
>> play the file. I'll have to try the miriad suggestions
>> put forward since I posted the question.

> If VLC player works then you obviously have the HD codecs installed, the
> problem then lies with MS Media Player, are there updates for the MS
> product?
> I suggest associating x26x files with VLC player, then it's condition
> normal as far as you're concerned, only the x26x files will open VLC...
> Have you tied ?
> G.

So others aren't misled, VLC works with its own built-in codec
and not those you download, HD or otherwise.

The default position for programs like VLC is to offer to associate
a large number of file types, during installation. The associations in
windows are to a file extension, not to a file type. There are no
such thing as "x26x files". There are H.260 through H.269 formats,
including my favorite H.264 (MPEG 4 part 10, AVC). There are
"XiLink" formats that use X263 and X264 FourCC codes, but you
aren't very likely to run across those.

Changing a files association is something usually done in windows
itself. Just right click on the media file that you wish to change the
program that it opens with, and click on the "Change..." button.
You could change it so all files with a .avi extension open with VLC,
if that is what you want, for instance.

If you would like to play a file using a different program from the one
it is associated with, just right click on the file and select "Open With".
Over time XP will learn which programs you are likely to use and
list then when you select "Open With".


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