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maximum number of threads

Cecil Westerhof
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Felipe Almeida Lessa wrote:

> $ python
> 50
> 100
> 150
> 200
> 250
> 300
> 350
> Exception raised: can't start new thread

I tried your script on a PII 300 MHz and only 150 MB. I broke it of when it
reached more as 1,25 million. ;-}

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Hendrik van Rooyen
Posts: n/a
"William Heymann" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> So you know I tried this on ubuntu edgy 64bit edition on a dual 2218 opteron
> system with 8G of ram and I got
> <lots of output>
> Exception raised: can't start new thread
> Biggest number of threads: 32274

This almost looks as if the number of threads is a sixteen bit signed int...

- Hendrik

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Ganesan Rajagopal
Posts: n/a
>>>>> Felipe Almeida Lessa <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
>> to modify the maximum number of user process (AFAIK each thread use a
>> process entry on Linux)

> I don't think it's only this.

It isn't that at all. The default Linux POSIX threads stack size is
8MB. Linux user space is 3GB (Kernel is mapped at upper 1GB).

382 * 8 = 3056MB.

Basically, you're running out of address space. I don't know if you have any
control at python level. In C you can call pthread_attr_setstacksize().


Ganesan Rajagopal

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