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add encoding to standard encodings works different in python 2.5?

henk-jan ebbers
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I use an encoding that is not available in the std python-encodings, say
encoding 'flup';
under different circumstances a user might wish different version of
'flup': a strict one or a more relaxed encoding.
(yes I know, this is terrible, but this is how it is)

in python2.4, I managed this by:
made and (coping an encoding from
python std encodings; using a encoding/decoding map as in,
with changes in the mapping).
placed and in my 'main'-directory
(the dir from which the my-python-source starts)
at start of my python-source: add an alias for the encoding:
encodings.aliases.aliases['flup']='flup_relaxed' (if user wishes
relaxed encoding)
this works; the encoding 'flup' is recognized and used.

when testing with python 2.5, this does not work.
my questions are:
- should this work in 2.5?
- how can i get this to work in 2.5 (nice if it would work in both 2.4
and 2.5)

btw, I use ubuntu linux edgy, with both python 2.4 and 2.5 installed

thanks, Henk-Jan

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henk-jan ebbers schrieb:
> - how can i get this to work in 2.5 (nice if it would work in both 2.4
> and 2.5)

You should implement a lookup function, and register it with
codecs.register. Then you can structure your modules any way you like.

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Henk-Jan Ebbers
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OK, I am trying to register my codecs, with codecs.register
Looking at the python doc, this seems to work different in 2.4/2.5
Can somebody help me with an example of how to register a codec?
I do not understand how this works.

regards, Henk-jan

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