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RE: Accessing file metadata on windows XP

Tim Golden
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[Dennis Lee Bieber]

| > When rightclicking a, for example, pdf file on windows, one normally
| > gets a screen with three or four tags. Clicking on one of
| the summary
| > tag one can get some info like "title", "Author",
| "category", "keyword"
| > etc..
| >
| Doesn't for me... Right-clicking on a PDF gives me a
| pop-up menu to open, print, compress to ZIP, send to
| application in a predefined list, copy/delete/rename,
| and access properties.

OK, I admit I understood that to mean: rightclicking and
selecting Properties (or getting the Property Sheets any
other way)...

| Unfortunately, you now encounter the difference between Windows
| (right-click/properties/summary) data, and what PDF format itself
| maintains internally

Very true; there is confusion in this particular case. Not sure
if the OP was simply using a PDF as an example, which could have
been a .txt file for example. Or if he wanted to be specific.
Good point.


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