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Logic Programming

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Yes! The question rears its head once again! ;o)

I have done some search and trial and horrors.. (PyLog has vanished?)
But I fail to find anything useful when it comes to do Logic
Programming (e.g. Prolog'ish)
in the context of Python.
And yes, I tend to beleive that I need to!
No, I do not really like the idea of piping def's and queries to
SWI-prolog ála PyProlog.

So, I would be *so* happy if someone could point at some module that
gives me the possibility to define a knowledgebase and queries from
within Python and still access the structures from Python code.


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Boris Borcic
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I believe some work has been down in pypy to bring logic programming to python.
You might ask pypy-dev

Google leads to
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