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Using twisted,

Matthew Warren
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> >The trouble is, I havent got a clue where to start and would

> appreciate
> >a couple of pointers to get me going...
> >

> I'd suggest taking a look at Twisted, which contains a more complete
> telnet implementation (not as important for being able to launch vi),
> an ssh implementation (which you might want to use instead of telnet),
> a VT102 implementation (which is actually what will help you
> run programs
> that want to fiddle around with the cursor in fancy ways), as
> well as a
> fair amount of work towards a simple terminal emulator (to
> help you keep
> track of what vi has done to your virtual terminal).
> API docs for insults:
> nsults.html
> And for the telnet implementation:
> elnet.html

Looking through those docs quickly leads me into quite a bewildering

As a kind of way to perhaps get me heading in the right direction and
understanding how I start to hang all that together to get what I want,
I would appreciate it if anyone could look at this little code snippet I
have, and illustrate how I can end up doing the same thing with twisted,
but end up with an interactive connection that can handle vi... From
there I will happily trundle off by myself.

I think I'm looking for help in getting that AhA! moment


((connection / password handling etc..))
if AliasedSubbedCmd=='__interact':
if system=='UNIX':
print '\nTELNET entity '+self.Name+' entering interactive
mode. Use '+retkey+' to come back\n'
C.mt_interact() this point I am essentially on the remote system command line,
with a very dumb terminal. How could I do this in twisted and end up
with a fairly clever terminal?



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